Letters to the Editor

Divided America: Real enemy isn’t your neighbor

I called my son recently to congratulate him for graduating from Airborne school. He is college educated (in international relations), and despite his “liberal” upbringing, he enlisted in the Air Force special warfare program. It’s a combat job.

After an entertaining (and harrowing) discussion about becoming a paratrooper, we talked about his concerns. It’s not terrorists, folks, or Mexicans. He’s concerned about the Russians and the Chinese.

While we’re preoccupied with “building the wall” and a trade war, he’s worried that we are being played by Vladimir Putin. The Russian discord machine is working very well.

Some regular writers on this page complain about global elitists and fake news. But what if the fake news is really an effort to divide this country?

Our “populist” president (who is really an elitist, by the way) has made his bed. His fate will be decided by Congress, or the voters.

So what comes after Trump? That’s the real question. Are we going to be playing tit for tat (Obama vs. Trump) forever? Or will we put bygones behind us and focus on what’s really important?

You want to make America great again? Then let’s talk about making America united again! The enemy is not your next door Democrat (or Republican).

Robert Girvin, Tacoma