Letters to the Editor

National emergency: It’s just Trump creating distraction

Democrats and Republicans passed a bill for security on the border with Mexico. But because President Trump did not get everything he wanted, he will declare a national emergency.

He does not really care if the wall is built. He wants the chaos and distraction from the Mueller investigation.

From day one, he continues to attack the FBI, Department of Justice and the free press to destroy public trust in these institutions.

The president ignores and dismisses his national security agencies who continue to warn about Russian efforts in the elections, cyberattacks and North Korea’s failure to curb their nuclear arms development.

Yet Trump’s “gut” and bromance with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and other dictators go against U.S. intelligence reports.

The actual national security emergency is within the borders of this nation and resides in the White House.

Trump’s foreign policies, destroying relationships with historic allies, disregard for the Constitution and norms of government, threat to pull out of NATO and his incompetence – and possibly being compromised – are the great threats to our democracy and national security.

Steve Golubic, Puyallup