Letters to the Editor

Foreign policy: U.S. troops stuck in quagmire

Our government sends troops to Afghanistan and Syria and tells them: “Kill the bad people and befriend the families of the same people. We don’t know where we want to end up, just do it.”

The Muslim tribes constantly fight. They don’t vote and will commit suicide just to kill someone. Anyone can be killed, as four Americans in a Syrian restaurant found out in January.

Advisers use that mindless slaughter to oppose President Trump and prolong our troop presence.

Trump wants to get our troops out of that quagmire. We don’t need to be part of those tribal feuds. If one tribe, or even ISIS, takes over all the Muslim countries, the other tribes would object.

And Russia won’t do any better in Syria than they did during their nine-year war in Afghanistan.

Our soldiers, believing in our country, risk their lives to carry out this nebulous policy. Politicians are armchair quarterbacks. But it’s not a game to the young people we waste in that perpetual war.

Have a defined goal, or get our troops out.

Bill Abbott, Tacoma