Letters to the Editor

Addiction: Crisis task force is our best hope

KOMO’s “Seattle is Dying” program accomplished one very good outcome: It got us talking about a problem that needs to be addressed.

I don’t care if you call it a homeless problem, mental health crisis, drug addiction problem or all three. We all need to admit we have a problem.

If any of you don’t know someone who has suffered from opioid addiction, just wait, because at this rate you will. We need to recognize every person on the street is somebody’s son or daughter who is struggling.

Individual cities can’t fix a problem that exists through our entire area. We can all point fingers at different branches of government, but that won’t fix the problem either.

We need leadership that can assemble all different branches in one room to create a statewide task force that works together, divides the responsibilities and finds the funding to do so.

I urge all of you in position of government leadership to find a way to come together and create a statewide task force with all players having a seat at the table to save our loved ones from this crisis.

Todd Steel, Tacoma