Letters to the Editor

Democrats: Health care sells, not impeachment

People are tired of hearing about the Mueller report. It is not very complimentary to President Trump, but there is nothing in it showing that he has done anything illegal.

With a Republican-controlled Senate, there is no way that Trump could be held guilty of any impeachment charges. The Democrats need to move on to other issues.

The Affordable Care Act is a very popular law which has made medical care available to many people who in the past could not afford to see a doctor. Republicans have tried unsuccessfully to repeal this law, and have done everything possible to weaken it.

Democrats could make health care their main issue going into the 2020 presidential election. If they continue to make a big deal about the Mueller report and the impeachment of the president their main issue, I think we can look forward to four more years of a Trump presidency.

Philip Heft, Kent