Letters to the Editor

Mueller report: A just and reasonable inquiry

Re: “Mueller report: Democrats grow even more unhinged,” (TNT, 4/24).

The letter writer mischaracterizes Trump Derangement Syndrome. It actually applies to those who blindly trust the president, the most untrustworthy of men.

You want derangement? Try Trump’s litany of lies, his administration’s rampant corruption and his pathetic behavior over the past two years. Trump’s blind base may not want the truth (that’s the real derangement here), but the rest of us do. And we deserve it.

The Mueller report didn’t exonerate Trump. There’s plenty in the report to justify further investigation. In fact, it demands it. To not investigate is to condone this administration’s blatantly unethical and illegal behavior.

I encourage Democrats to continue this just and reasonable inquiry. I only hope the stain on the presidency isn’t permanent. Once you lower the bar this far, it can be tough to raise it up again.

Shawn Carkonen, Tacoma