Letters to the Editor

Levy lift: State again shirks duty to K-12 schools

Re: “Levy fix a relief for schools, but cuts still coming,” (TNT, 4/30).

In 2017, Washington legislators told school districts they only needed a limited local levy – for extras – because the state was going to meet its court-ordered constitutional duty to fully fund K-12 by collecting property taxes for them. The Supreme Court bought it.

This year, the Legislature raised that two-year-old levy lid because school districts were having to lay off teachers for lack of funds.

Wrong answer. State funding should have increased to cover the shortfalls. That is what fully funding K-12 means. Local levy dependency makes education unequal and uncertain across the state.

This is the third time this scenario of seesawing levy lids vs. full state funding has played out. The first time was in the late 1970s under a court order known as the Doran Decision.

Once again, legislators have failed to meet the state’s “paramount duty” to provide ample funding for educating children in our public schools..

Penny Drost, Fircrest