Letters to the Editor

Homelessness: Churches not meant to be shelters

Re: “Churches can be an answer to homelessness,” (TNT letter, 4/25).

It sounds Christian and charitable to suggest churches share space and facilities with the homeless. But are people like this letter writer willing to pitch in and get their hands dirty?

Does their generosity include cleaning up garbage, including needles and possibly feces, deposited by homeless individuals? Church bathrooms are small, not meant for a crowd.

Will they provide the trash cans and empty, wash, rinse, and sanitize them throughout the day?

Where will the homeless individuals eat? Who will provide their daily bread?

Where will adults, children and babies sleep? On the benches of pews? Where will they keep their possessions?

You could post a sign-up sheet for parish volunteers to take turns providing services. But how many volunteers will you need, and for how long?

Where will the guests go during church services?

Churches are houses of worship, not homeless shelters. There should be undisturbed peace and quiet every day of the week.

Barb Fleck, Tacoma