Letters to the Editor

Trump: Unfair to smear him as anti-Semitic

Re: “Let’s impeach Trump for being a great president,” (TNT, 5/1).

This Dana Milbank column accuses President Trump of being anti-Semitic, but he has been Israel’s friend throughout his presidency.

After the horrific shooting at the California synagogue, he called the rabbi, who was most appreciative of the call and the president’s empathy. The rabbi came to the White House to participate in the National Day of Prayer.

If you are looking for anti-Semitism, look no further than Rep. Ilhan Omar, a freshman congresswoman.

The president is working to keep his promises. Despite opposition to fixing our broken immigration system, he keeps going. Many Democrats running for president in 2020 want open borders. Some even want to abolish ICE.

The economy is better than it has been in at least 60 years. Wages in the past 12 months are up 3.2%. Unemployment is at all-time lows, including for African Americans, women and Asians.

Milbank’s column is exactly the reason for the extreme division in our nation. The “hate Trump” campaign has harmed this country and appears to be the main focus of Congress and the media that supports it.

Joyce Hamrick, University Place