Letters to the Editor

Trump: Stop disrespecting troops and veterans

As a former army infantryman and intelligence officer of 20 years, I am appalled by our commander in chief telling so many lies, exaggerations and denials of wrongdoings.

Mr. President, stop sacrificing the needs of subordinates for your pet projects.

Don’t take congressionally approved funds away from much needed schools and housing for children and families of active duty U.S. service members because of a self-proclaimed “national emergency.”

Don’t use those funds to create barbed wire concentration camps along our southern border, housing desperate souls and separating children from their parents.

Don’t just use the military as a photo op, but treat troops and veterans with respect. Don’t lie about a military pay raise because “10 percent,” in the moment, sounds better.

Don’t let the VA become a propaganda machine, exaggerating veterans’ gains under your watch. Don’t denigrate war heroes like Sen. John McCain who, unlike you, served and sacrificed. Don’t publicly side with a Russian dictator over your intelligence teams.

And don’t label our cherished freedom of the press, a foundation of democracy, as an “enemy of the people.”

You are the leader of all the people, not just your political base.

Charles A. Hall, Spanaway