Letters to the Editor

Church: Adhering to scripture is not backward

Re: “United Methodists’ anti-LGBTQ vote leaves local church leaders facing an uncertain future,” (TNT, 3/3).

Columnist Matt Driscoll’s diatribe from a few months ago really requires a response. Methodists voted to uphold a ban on same-sex marriage among their clergy, which Driscoll intones is “bigoted and backward”.

Is this how we describe churches that follow the scripture instead of trendy progressive orthodoxy?

“Cataclysmic” for the church, he says. Yes, how sad to see a church that believes the Bible and requires adherence among its teachers!

Christians believe Christianity, and the Bible explains what that is. LGBTQ doctrine is not in there.

Here’s an idea: Go form your own group according to your own beliefs.

The Bible is not an evolving document and needs no progressive updates or corrections.

Timothy F. Oberst, Wauna