Letters to the Editor

Mueller report: Dems try to keep false narrative alive

The verdict is in: No collusion and no obstruction. The Democrats, mainstream media, liberal press and left wing cable outlets, CNN and MSNBC, need to wipe the egg off their faces and get over it.

They got it wrong. Fox News was right. Admit it and move on.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler said there was evidence President Trump engaged in obstruction of justice. But Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein determined the evidence was insufficient for a charge of obstruction.

If Special Counsel Robert Mueller had enough evidence to indict Trump, he would have.

Mueller sent a letter to Barr indicating his four-page summary lacked proper context. Barr called Mueller and asked if his summary was inaccurate or misleading, and were Mueller’s conclusions based on a sitting president being exempt from indictment. Mueller said no.

Did the Democrats and the liberal press miss that?

Barr didn’t lie. The phony Russian hoax has been exposed and Democrats want to keep the false narrative alive. Nadler hasn’t even read the un-redacted version of the Mueller report (minus grand jury material prohibited by law). What’s that tell you?

This is all political theater to smear Barr and Trump.

Craig Chilton, Bonney Lake