Letters to the Editor

Environment: Faith leaders must take a stand

Re: “Humans speed up extinction of species, UN report says,” (TNT, 5/7).

After reading this article, it struck me I have never heard, that I can recall, a priest, minister, rabbi or religious leader speak from the pulpit about our responsibility as stewards of what God has given us.

If we believe that God gave us dominion over all that is here, doesn’t that mean we have a Christian, religious obligation to care for it as God intended?

Why do we feel it is acceptable to continue to pollute, contribute to global warming (I believe it is real), participate in depletion of natural resources, destruction of habitat and the slaughter of wildlife?

I can only imagine the impact we could have on environmental issues if we focused our religious beliefs and energy on acting as stewards of this planet in a responsible, faith-based way as I believe God intended.

Don Rutledge, Tacoma