Letters to the Editor

LNG plant: Inslee acts wisely against fracking

Re: “Inslee opposes fossil-fuel projects in Tacoma, Kalama,” (TNT, 5/10).

Kudos to Gov. Jay Inslee for no longer supporting the LNG plant in Tacoma, and for prohibiting the fracking method used to extract natural gas.

Here in Washington, we couldn’t afford to risk even a fraction of the thousands of low-magnitude earthquakes Oklahoma has experienced since fracking began there.

Those who refer to liquefied natural gas as “clean” energy are misleading the public and doing a great disservice to people and the environment.

While the public is prohibited from knowing what chemicals are being used in fracking, it’s pretty clear they’re dangerous when they can cause tap water to ignite, as was shown in the movie “Gasland.” A subsequent film entitled “Dear President Obama” narrated by Mark Ruffalo presents equally alarming scenes.

I hope more politicians will take up Inslee’s call for energy that protects rather than exploits. May we take counsel from the Native Americans who lived “with” rather than simply “on” the earth and who nurtured the planet as the living body it is.

May we moderate our current rapacious, cannabalistic capitalism into a capitalism that values people and planet as much as profit.

Linda Frank, Tacoma