Letters to the Editor

Abortion: Two questions for backers of new limits

Several articles in Thursday’s paper highlight the vigorous efforts to severely restrict abortion rights by laws or by “chipping away” at Roe v.Wade.

I have two probing questions for those who seek these constraints; that is, to force others to give birth to children who may be deformed or diseased, or whom they are not prepared to parent adequately for the next 20 years or longer.

My first question: What are you now doing to see that all who need them have adequate contraceptive services and supplies? If you are not doing your utmost to assist prevention where it is wanted or needed, I believe your “pro-life” stance is a fraud.

My second question: What are you doing personally and politically to assure that all children born, even to unwilling or unprepared parents, are provided all the needed resources, materially, emotionally and spiritually, to assure them full opportunity to grow up into well-adjusted, healthy, and productive adults?

If you are not working hard to assure that result for every birthed child, including tax-payer-funded assistance wherever needed, your stance may be pro-birth, but it is in no way truly pro-life!

Vincent S. Hart Jr., University Place