Letters to the Editor

Puyallup: New jail is boondoggle project

The Puyallup City Council is about to ask taxpayers to pony up $100 million to fund a new jail on South Hill. Puyallup does not need a new jail. Furthermore, it does not need its current jail. It has become a jobs program.

Other localities have gotten of the jail business, but not Puyallup; it already pays for the half-empty county jail.

In the first year, this will cost homeowners between $300 and $500. Farther out, this will become thousands per year as property values increase.

It is unfair for tens of thousands of Puyallup taxpayers to pay this obligation for the next 20 years.

This kind of money would be better spent fixing the Shaw Road farce once and for all. Not a jail.

Dave Churchman, Puyallup