Letters to the Editor

Secrecy: Citizens should fear ‘ghosts’ in Olympia

Re: “New tax hard to swallow; Washington Democrats pull fast one in Legislature’s last weekend,” (TNT editorial, 4/30).

I find it absolutely incredible that the title-only, aka “ghost bill,” exists in Olympia. Even worse is the feigned outrage of legislators over their opponents’ use of it.

Why is it that political parties only bring these issues up when the parliamentary prowess of the other party has outdone them? When the legislators were doing their blogs, Facebook posts, tweets, town halls, why was this egregious tactic not brought to light?

What other nasty little surprises are lurking, awaiting to be unleashed next session?

The chicanery that happens in our political process lies squarely at the feet of both parties. We see this madness at every level of government, from school boards to Washington, D.C. Politicians beat the drum of transparency, but cling to these secretive and deceptive tools.

It’s all fun and games when you’re the one using the parlor tricks, but when it’s done to you, let the pontificating begin!

How refreshing it would be to see legislators rant against these issues on Day One of the session, rather than after they have been bested.

Jeff Chambers, Puyallup