Letters to the Editor

Fossil fuels: LNG less dirty than status quo

Re: “Inslee opposes fossil fuel projects in Tacoma, Kalama,” (TNT, 5/10).

Since the advent of fracking to drill for natural gas, thousands of Tacoma area homes have used clean-burning natural gas to provide heat, hot water and cooking.

Locally, Pierce Transit is proud to be using compressed natural gas to power 76% of its fleet of buses. Industries have been praised for switching from coal and oil to natural gas.

Now the shipping industry, one that uses the dirtiest burning form of fuel oil, has taken notice and wants to clean up its act by switching to natural gas in liquefied form.

This is a welcome change that will have a very positive impact on air quality and the lives of Puget Sound residents, particularly those with respiratory ailments.

Thomas Arter, Tacoma