Letters to the Editor

Point Defiance: Sharp eyes needed to catch scofflaws

I am the founder and a member of Point Defiance Park Watch, which is over 50 volunteers strong. Our mission is to support the two employed rangers at the park.

We are noticing a number of troubling concerns at the park.

Many people speed on the park roads and viewpoints, endangering nearby pedestrians and animals.

We are also noticing dogs off leash, which could attack people and other animals, as well as people smoking cigarettes, marijuana and other drugs, as evidenced by all the needles we find.

The park strictly forbids these behaviors.

I have been using the park for 47 years and feel strongly that we need better enforcement, such as a stronger police presence, which in recent years seems to be lacking, due to increased commitments elsewhere.

I have been a volunteer in our program since 1997 and am seeing more defiant and unpredictable behaviors now. I am very proud of our efforts, but am concerned for visitors’ overall safety. We are totally dedicated and eagerly welcome new members.

Find out more online at: www.metroparkstacoma.org/pointdefianceparkwatch

Peter Sluka, Tacoma