Letters to the Editor

Abortion: Every life a gift, including my sons

Re: “Abortion: Two questions for backers of new limits,” (TNT letter, 5/18).

Before the letter writer got around to his two questions, he first refers to babies who may be “deformed or diseased.”

As a father of two sons with special health care needs, I find these terms obnoxious and repugnant. Are we to automatically abort any child who may be born with special care needs?

I have seen more beauty because of my sons, and have tried to advocate for individuals with disabilities.

The letter writer then challenges pro life folks to work to provide “free” contraceptives and supplies to “assist prevention.” His second challenge is for all people who support life to work politically and personally to “provide all the needed resources” to assure a good life.

We used to expect that young people be prepared to be parents before they engaged in activities that might create pregnancies. I know that is now hopelessly outdated.

Besides adoption, there are many social services available for people who may find themselves having a baby at a less than perfect time.

I can tell you from experience, each and every baby is a precious gift.

Jim Hines, Gig Harbor