Letters to the Editor

Gender: Pay gap is result of personal choice

Re: “Sen. Harris announces plan to close the gender pay gap,” (TNT, 5/21).

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, who’s running for president, announced a proposal to combat corporate wage discrimination at the federal level.

Such wage discrimination is already illegal. President Kennedy signed legislation prohibiting this practice in 1963. President Obama signed similar legislation in 2009.

Later in the same article, it is claimed that “women who work full time make 80 cents for every dollar paid to men.” It also is noted that “the most recent studies on the gender pay gap ... are not based on analogous work,” therefore rendering the studies biased and worthless.

Are these the studies on which Sen. Harris is basing her proposal?

The so-called gender pay gap has been shown time and again to be minimal, and where it exists, it is based mostly on choices women make.

But no matter. A presidential candidate seeking attention has to beat any drum she can.

Lindsay Johnston, University Place