Letters to the Editor

Environment: Real science exiled from White House

What is our country becoming when people seem to believe the fake science coming out of this administration? Real scientists have been drummed out.

Only the industry representatives remain, who spend their time spinning yarns about how good fossil fuels, pesticides and chemicals are for us.

I think name changes are in order. The Environmental Destruction Agency and the Fossil Fuel and Chemical Protection Department are run by the White House Office of Fake Science.

Real science never gets past the industry oligarchs running these agencies.

Where is the hope for our children and grandchildren? Alas, their offspring will live in domed communities, while the huddled masses breathe the sweet perfume of fossil fuel, pesticide and other chemical pollution spewing forth in the air and water.

Their fake science is going to doom us, assuming we survive the ever-increasing weather extremities and melting ice caps.

When will the American people come to their senses? This administration does not have our best interests at heart, only that of the polluters.

Kathy Lorimer, Sumner