Letters to the Editor

Democrats: Defying public’s will again and again

The Democrat-controlled state Legislature recently adjourned and, aligned with the Democratic governor, have gifted the people with hundreds of millions of dollars of additional taxes.

The taxes are carefully hidden from the public, as there was no raise in the sales tax or a new income tax. The state government will now have vastly increased revenues to run a troubled state that does not even have affordable housing, which is made worse by the additional taxes.

In the last election the clever Democrats didn’t tell us any of this was coming.

They also started to implement their economy-killing climate change plan. In the near future they will eliminate fossil-fuel-generated electricity in the state. Later they wish to eliminate all vehicles using fossil fuels. The governor’s proposal is 10 years.

All this, despite a recently passed state ballot initiative that turned down a carbon tax/climate change policy.

The people of Washington have repeatedly turned down additional taxes. It appears Democrats have won their agenda contrary to the wishes of citizens.

Donald W. Wilbur, University Place