Letters to the Editor

Mueller: He stands in stark contrast to Trump

On Memorial Day weekend, we saw our nation again humiliated by the crude talk, nasty insults and complete ignorance of the man in our Oval Office.

He insulted a former president and vice president on foreign soil, dismissed the fears of the Japanese over short-range missiles being fired by North Korea and again heaped praise on a murderous dictator, a sworn enemy of the country he was visiting.

He also came home with no promised trade deal.

Then on Wednesday, we got a short speech from the special counsel, Robert Mueller. We watched a real patriot and war hero warn America about the depth of the Russian interference in our presidential election and speak of the integrity and dedication of those who worked to investigate the depth of what the Russians did.

Mueller spoke of Part Two of his report and made clear that he could not indict President Trump, but he did not exonerate his acts. Innocence was never proven.

He said that he felt Congress should make the report a significant part of its agenda.

Watching a man of honor protect our national integrity made me proud.

Margot LeRoy, Gig Harbor