Letters to the Editor

Trump: Resisting oversight by Congress looks bad

Re: “Trump angrily disbands infrastructure meeting,” (TNT, 5/23).

So President Trump called reporters to the Rose Garden after storming out of a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer. Apparently he was upset when Pelosi accused him of being involved in a cover-up.

Trump went on to say that he is the most transparent president in the history of the country, “probably.” Yet, he still refuses to release his taxes and financial statements.

The thing is, responsibility of congressional oversight is reserved to the legislative branch, and various committees have issued subpoenas to see copies of Trump’s tax returns. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has refused to release them, which is in violation of the 1924 IRS code.

The request is necessary and expedient to determine whether Trump has any foreign entanglements that could affect his presidency, and whether he ever cheated on his taxes.

Oh yes, I almost forgot: No collusion!

Robert Randle, Tacoma