Letters to the Editor

Womanhood: Oppression is biological and social

From a male perspective, it is often easy to overlook the differences between men and women that may keep women in a subservient role.

On examination, I have concluded that women are generally oppressed. It is their bodies that betray them.

Bodies that are the objects of male leers and sexual fantasies. Bodies that are the recipient of male abuse, sexual or otherwise. Bodies that fail them after childbirth. Bodies that, in some societies, must be hidden from head to toe.

Men don’t have to give much thought to pregnancy, but an unplanned pregnancy can change a woman’s life forever. There is an inherent societal tyranny imposed on women.

And after she is forced by religious zealots to have babies she may not be able to care for, and devotes her life to child rearing, she can look forward to menopause.

Ronald Kaman, Tacoma