Letters to the Editor

Bigfoot: Fake news? Not as TNT sees it

Re: “Sasquatch exhibit comes to Lacey Museum,” (TNT, 5/30).

Thank you for this article. It’s about time that fake news organizations like yourself start publishing the truth.

I especially like the fact that the reporter didn’t interject any critical thinking or skepticism. I just hate it when highfalutin “intellectuals” get in the way of the truth. What do they know?

If the TNT would like to report on another story that the dark state is trying to suppress, I have on display in my garage a collection of bagels and toast with the images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

We need more news articles like the Sasquatch one so we can help President Trump combat fake news and educate good Americans about what’s really going on.

R. Daniel Van Eycke, Poulsbo