Letters to the Editor

School shootings: Blaming family life is off base

Re: “School shooters: Problem rooted in disrupted families,” (TNT letter, 5/18).

The letter writer is wrong in so many ways. She asserts that school shootings are primarily due to a breakdown of family life.

The only problem with this assertion is that many shooters come from stable families with two loving parents who live in upper middle-class neighborhoods.

Other first world nations have the same percentage of mentally ill, the same percentage (or more) of one-parent families and the same percentage of children with behavior problems.

What these other nations don’t have is nearly the frequency of mass murders and school shootings nor the sheer magnitude of guns. The U.S. has 4% of the world’s population and 50% of the world’s civilian-owned guns.

Similarly, the states with the most lax gun laws and the highest percentage of gun ownership are the states with the highest percentage of gun violence.

We must face reality and accept that the problem is easy access to guns.

John R. Whitmore, Gig Harbor