Letters to the Editor

Election hacking: Trump lacks focus for this crisis

One thing that special counsel Robert Mueller stressed in his recent statement to the media and the public is that Russia definitely interfered with our elections.

It was an invasion of our electoral system with the intent to create chaos, division and further distrust among us.

So far there has not been a prominent concerted effort or vision from the White House or the Congress to address this dangerous situation.

Instead we have silly, obnoxious tweets, more instigation of tariffs, no vision on how to go forward, childish temper tantrums by the president when he does not get his way and constant changing of the subject.

The news is on the Mueller report, but Trump quickly promises to put more tariffs on goods from Mexico. This seems to be his modus operandi: change the subject quickly. In that way nothing is ever discussed in depth.

Karin Morris, Tacoma