Letters to the Editor

Trump: Snide critiques overlook his good qualities

Re: “When trolls and crybullies rule the earth, we all lose,” (TNT, 6/2).

New York Times writer David Brooks marred his informative column about the declining respect we have for one another, especially in non-face-to-face communication in today’s society, by making a snide remark about our president being a troll.

Many of the urbane, wine-sipping, urban-dwelling upper classes look down their noses at most of us unless, of course, we are a member of a recognized victim group.

Brooks can’t help himself. He’s a member of coastal elites who timidly buries resentment for President Trump in nearly every subject he writes about.

He affirms allegiance to the crowd of intellectuals who believe if they were leading the country, all problems would suddenly disappear.

The vast majority of Trump’s friends have positive things to say about him; he’s respectful, charming, fair-minded and good-natured.

While the president is sometimes publicly crude and disrespectful in his efforts to get things done, people who meet him find that he is very personable.

I wonder if Brooks and his pals, along with the media, ever perceive anything wrong with the atrocious manner in which they regularly refer to our commander in chief.

Gene Harvey, Puyallup