Letters to the Editor

Patriotism: Let’s fill Tacoma’s empty flagpoles

Today I was at what I consider to be the very center of downtown Tacoma. More specifically, I was on the sidewalk along Pacific Avenue, between South 11th and 12th streets.

From that viewpoint, I could see five flagpoles; some were above the main entrance to a building, while others were atop the building itself. There may be others, but those five are quite easily seen by pedestrians and drivers alike.

What did they have in common? Not a single one had a flag proudly waving in the cool, spring breeze.

When Tacoma’s business districts want to promote their unity, pride and vibrancy, they create an identity and display it on street banners for all to see. Why not do the same with flags on abandoned flag poles across the city?

One of my favorite sights is the beautifully huge American flag flying proudly above state Route 16 from its Center Street perch. But you don’t have to spend tens of thousands on such a display; a quality 3-by-5-foot flag costs less than $25.

Come on, Tacoma! Let’s show our civic pride by hanging a flag on every flagpole across the city by July 4.

Mike Shields, Gig Harbor