Letters to the Editor

Development: Voices of regular folks go unheard

Much more weight should be given to individual homeowners and Pierce County communities and less to business and development interests. This would be bucking the tide.

Regular working people don’t have time to go to meetings and lobby members of the Planning Commission about zoning concerns. Development interests get their way. There is a fear-based need-for-more-jobs concept behind this. It is a false concept, yet it prevails.

We need to change priorities. Our communities are in crisis and our priorities are upside down: more business and more development with less healthy and livable conditions. We seem unable to stop.

Schools are over-crowded, roads are not in good shape, there no parks and no areas for community gatherings.

I object to the focus of the current Mid-County Community Plan Update. The concept of protecting communities from excessive development should always be on the agenda.

Let’s work together to curb rampant greed and fear.

Michael Parker, Puyallup