Letters to the Editor

Pay gap: Women aren’t getting a fair shake

Re: “Gender pay gap is result of personal choice,” (TNT letter, 5/30).

I was astonished and disheartened that any percentage of gender pay gap (government/private) is acceptable to anyone. And, yes, it exists no matter what presidents Kennedy and Obama signed.

I want a fair shake for all workers. I support Sen. Bernie Sanders and agree with his sentiment that we start caring about each others’ plight – i.e. caring what happens to your family, as I would wish you to have concern for mine – regarding fair wages all around.

As an employed woman who has experienced gender pay gaps and disparities based on favoritism, I agree with Bernie’s statement from the 2016 presidential campaign: “Women don’t want 79 cents on the dollar. Women want the whole damn dollar.”

Roz Doneen, Tacoma