Letters to the Editor

Immigration: No rain, no food, no mercy from Trump

Contrary to the vicious lies of Fox News-style propaganda, nobody is for open borders or is happy about hundreds of thousands of poor people wanting to enter the United States.

The argument is about what to do about this problem, not whether someone approves of it. And please note that our cowardly legislative branch, in fearful thrall to the president, refuses to even take up the subject.

A better question is why so many people are fleeing. Who really wants to leave their home?

The simplest answer is that it is no longer raining in Central America. Period.

(For the moment let us ignore the elephant in the room, climate change, and our role in it).

Crops are failing, and poor people cannot feed their children. So they migrate. Who wouldn’t? This must seem ironic in our own Midwest, which is drowning.

I have no idea what the answer to this emergency is, but the president believes the wisest response is to cut off all aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in order to punish them for .... well, I am not sure what.

His tone deafness and cruelty for political advantage are beyond criminal.

Chuck Burton, Steilacoom