Letters to the Editor

Democrats: Lawlessness runs amok on their watch

Anyone who follows the Democratic Party’s liberal agenda should take a long hard look at every city, county and state government where they have political control, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

Lawlessness and homelessness are rampant and widespread. They espouse more concern for providing sanctuary for illegal aliens than for their own citizens.

Last month in Seattle, according to KOMO News, a woman in a wheelchair was brutally assaulted by a man who raped her last fall and who is in our country illegally.

He was not turned over to immigration authorities after the initial crime, but was released early only to assault this woman again before he disappeared.

Democrats, who support late-term abortion, want to lecture and legislate morals and ethics? The death count from thugs shooting each other in Democrat-led Chicago is conveniently overlooked; meanwhile they want to lecture and pass laws to restrict the 2nd Amendment for legal gun owners.

Need I even have to mention the idiocy called the Green New Deal?

You don’t have to look at Venezuela to see the effects of liberal socialism; there are more explicit examples closer to home.

Robert Humphries, Puyallup