Letters to the Editor

Diapers: Environmentalism gives way to convenience

Every year 200,000 trees and 3.4 billion gallons of fuel oil are required to fill America’s disposable diaper needs. Nearly one cup of raw crude oil is used to make the polyethylene plastic for each diaper. Every diaper requires nearly 500 years to decompose.

Twenty billion urine-soaked, feces-crusted diapers create 3.5 million tons of landfill waste yearly. Decomposition releases methane. Methane replaces oxygen and is dangerous to breathe. Toxic organic chemicals are also released.

Young mothers loudly address the issue of climate change. They frantically express their concern for the world’s future and the health of their babies. But they love the convenience of disposable diapers.

Will they immediately demand that all mothers switch to cloth diapers to reduce toxic gas emissions and landfill numbers?

Barb Fleck, Tacoma