Letters to the Editor

Border: Migrant kids deserve so much better

“It’s the Democrats, not GOP, putting immigrants in peril,” (Jay Ambrose column, TNT, 6/22).

I am sick of mean, short-sighted conservatives blithely repeating Trump-inspired lies, misdirection and pointless hatred of Democrats.

Let’s talk immigration.

1) People are dying at the border. Five children and 24 to 26 adults are dead.

2) The humanitarian crisis is about bad management. Homeland Security and its 22 agencies are a chaotic mess; most are led by temporary executives. The three agencies responsible for immigration report different data. That’s why 1000-plus children separated from their families are “lost” between agencies, and why we don’t have a total death count.

3) Nothing will stop people crossing the southern border. People are fleeing for their lives and have every right to petition for refugee status. We need more judges to reduce processing time.

Call your representatives. Demand accountability for the treatment of refugees, especially children. No child should be separated from a relative and forced to sleep on the floor in over-crowded facilities.

These children are traumatized, scared, dirty and hungry. Can’t we at least give them a shower, a decent meal and a bed? America is great, not cruel.

Maire Masco, Tacoma