Letters to the Editor

Election 2020: Democrat promises are irresponsible

Afraid to appear politically incorrect, all the Democratic candidates in the recent debates raised their hands, some halfheartedly, to pledge free health care to illegal immigrants. Yet these politicians have no policy for our own homeless citizens, addicted and mentally ill.

Add this pledge to the Green New Deal, reparations, free college, forgiveness of student loans and Medicare for all, and the 2020 election becomes a war on taxpayers.

Candidates don’t talk about stimulating job growth, or educating students in marketable skills with an ethic of self-sufficiency. Instead, they demonize productivity.

It isn’t just the 1 percent, but all workers, who will pay inordinate taxes to support the gifts these candidates offer in exchange for votes.

When every laborer is stripped to the bone by taxes, including hidden taxes priced into groceries, hardware, transportation, fuel and rent, our government will follow other welfare states to the final stage of economic entropy: printing reams of worthless money to cover the debt.

We will die of hyperinflation. A $25 bottle of milk won’t feed poor children.

Fred LaMotte, Steilacoom