Letters to the Editor

Trump: Democrats right to keep investigating

Re: “Democrats: Time to quit chewing sour grapes,” (TNT letter, 6/21).

I don’t know the author of this very flawed and misguided letter regarding the Mueller Report. But I do know a loaded scam when I see one.

The president has obfuscated and flat out lied about what went on with regard to the question of Russian election interference. To cite Attorney General Barr as the last word on this matter is just plain careless.

It is way beyond time for this man and others of his political ilk to own up to the fact that the president has sold out American interests for his own. Four guilty pleas and a conviction by jury, not to mention numerous indictments that have yet to be answered, is no hoax or fairy tale.

Instead of chiding Democrats for conducting legitimate investigations into election tampering by a hostile government, the letter writer should brush up on American civics and pay particular attention to Articles1 and 2 of the Constitution.

And quit watching Fox News.

Carl Zievers, Tacoma