Letters to the Editor

Trump: Admitting mistakes not his strong suit

In a recent interview, Donald Trump said the worst mistake of his presidency was appointing Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

In Trump’s narcissistic, compassionless mind, selecting Sessions was worse than a myriad other actions, such as causing thousands of migrant children to be separated from their parents, placing thousands others in inhumane conditions and worsening the border crisis.

To Trump, the fact that Sessions recused himself from the Mueller investigation was worse than the specter of millions of Americans losing their health care, and worse than billions of dollars in increased prices and lost sales from irrational tariffs.

To Trump, Sessions was worse than the specter of an unlivable earth threatened by the president’s ignorant rollbacks of global-warming steps taken by his predecessor.

It is frightening to think Trump truly believes that protecting his personal interests is more important that the welfare and survival of the rest of the world around him.

Francis Nakamoto, Gig Harbor