Letters to the Editor

Climate change: Melting ice boggles imagination

Re: “Floating Antarctic ice goes from record high to record low,” (TNT, 7/2).

Scientists are alarmed that the ice caps on the top and bottom of our Earth are melting much faster than previously predicted. As this article states, the loss in the Antarctic has been over 17 percent from 2013 to 2017.

Likewise, the Arctic ice sheet has diminished by a third in recent years, an area equal to six times the size of California.

Along with Greenland, these huge masses of ice act as stabilizing influences in the global climate; when they diminish, we get higher temperatures and longer heat waves, such as record 115 degrees fahrenheit in France recently.

It is well known that glaciers are also shrinking globally. In Alaska alone, some 45 billion tons of ice are lost annually.

Such numbers are hard to imagine; think of it as 4.5 billion dump trucks each loaded with 10 tons of ice. If each truck was 30 feet long, that would be a line to circle the globe over 1,000 times.


Chuck Jensen, Tacoma