Letters to the Editor

2020 election: Buttigieg excels at inspirational oratory

The first debates are over. Candidates offered plans to fix healthcare, climate change, wage disparity, etc., and pundits rated winners and losers.

But there’s another component to winning the presidency besides articulating plans for change. It is the ability to use the presidential pulpit to inspire the country to come together and solve problems in a bipartisan way, and to reassert our standing on the world stage.

That is something sadly lacking the past two years.

No pundits have yet rated the eloquence with which candidates deliver their message. To me, Elizabeth Warren sounds professorial and Bernie Sanders cranky. Kamala Harris is a “world class prosecutor” to quote one columnist, but is she the inspiring orator that will unite the country?

There is one candidate who seems to fit the mold of Roosevelt, Kennedy, Reagan and other great orators in our past. Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks with substance, power and eloquence no matter the topic. And he can do it in several languages.

Give him a Boston accent, and he might sound like Jack Kennedy.

Jim Joy, Lakewood