Letters to the Editor

Development: My small city won’t be erased

Re: “National paper products firm Kimberly-Clark to join DuPont business scene,” (TNT, 6/13).

The small city of DuPont has many charms, an extensive trail system, historic landmarks and an active citizenry.

DuPont also faces one of its greatest challenges: extensive industrial development that compromises city codes and appellant rulings.

As a 16-year resident, I have witnessed how development has adversely affected our community.

The newest project, which was highlighted in this TNT article, is the Cubes, a 1.6 million-square-foot business park adjacent to two other large industrial parks.

The article didn’t mention the impact these industrial parks have had on a town whose infrastructure and resources are overwhelmed by the onslaught of semi-trucks and related noise and safety issues.

Additionally, we have a mayor who listens to developers rather than his electorate. Nonetheless, public outcry halted two major projects.

The dedication, resilience and perseverance shown by these residents continue. This is democracy in action. DuPont will not be a community erased.

Please consider how many other small towns along the I-5 corridor have succumbed to bulldozers and the fancy talk of developers.

Who is benefiting? Who is paying the price?

Karen Konrad, DuPont