Letters to the Editor

Border: Moral fiber of America is at stake

I feel deep sadness at the ongoing news coming from our southern border.

Pictures of children crowded in cages. The Department of Justice arguing that children don’t need toothbrushes and soap, and will not be harmed sleeping on cement floors. Babies and toddlers separated from parents and placed in the care of young children.

Is this who we have become?

I remember when I was in Germany in 1969, I walked down the streets looking at the people and asking myself, “How could you let the Holocaust happen? How could you let six million Jews die in these camps?”

I now ask similar questions about our treatment of migrants at our border.

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it is a humanitarian crisis. Didn’t we learn from the Japanese Internment Camps in World War II? Didn’t we learn from taking Native American children from their families and putting them in boarding schools to erase their language and culture?

May our collective voices rise in outrage and say “enough.”

Ardine Martinelli, Tacoma