Letters to the Editor

Pride: Flag doesn’t belong on government buildings

Re: “A gay pride flag will be raised over the Tacoma Dome for the first time,” (TNT, 7/4).

I am amazed how state and local governments cater to the LGBTQ community.

Once again the City of Tacoma wants to put a rainbow flag on a city building. By placing a flag on city flag poles, they will create a public forum for political speech on those poles. Once done, they can’t deny others that privilege without a violation of the First Amendment.

As a government, Tacoma can’t favor one organization over another. Once the door is open, it’s open to all.

The government must operate with intellectual integrity, and this action will have consequences, some of which may not be as popular as the Pride flag.

For the record, I have no animosity with the LGBTQ community, just the issue of posting rainbow flags on any government building.

Phil Ferrell, Lakewood