Letters to the Editor

Homelessness: Puyallup isn’t shirking its duty

Re: “Puyallup’s plan to send its homeless to Tacoma is as backward and misguided as it sounds,” (TNT, 7/9).

As CEO of Helping Hand House (HHH), a Puyallup-based agency offering emergency shelter and other housing solutions to families in our community, thus ending their crisis of homelessness, I felt compelled to respond to Matt Driscoll’s column.

Pierce County at large needs to know the City of Puyallup is funding homeless services within its own community. Each year, the city allocates funds for a community grant program for Puyallup non-profits to apply for funding for their work.

HHH has been a recipient of a portion of this funding for nearly 10 years. In 2019, for instance, the city provided a grant of $100,000 to help over 130 families in HHH’s Homeless Family Intervention Program to help end their period of homelessness.

A population that doesn’t get much press, largely because they are “invisible,” homeless families with children exist in Pierce County, and the City of Puyallup has been steadfast in its support of them for years.

We thank Puyallup for its continued support.

Kevin Bates, Puyallup