Letters to the Editor

Trump: ‘Go back’ remark patently unpatriotic

While many Americans are calling President Trump’s “Go back” remark racist or even sexist, I call it unpatriotic and un-American.

What about the rest of us? Are we all supposed to “go back” if we have a differing opinion? Except for Native Americans, we are all immigrants.

Trump is the one who thinks America is no longer great, so maybe he should go back.

People originally came here from other countries to build a new nation of freedom and opportunity. Our new citizens, like our forefathers, are continuing to form a (still) great country. From the moment one becomes a citizen, the U.S. is that person’s country. Period.

Trump’s “go back” remark is really this: If you don’t agree with me, go away. Well, we are not going away.

Nancy Atwood, Fircrest