Letters to the Editor

Guns: ‘Military-style’ rifles good for hunting

Re: “Runaway gun violence through ex-Marine’s eyes,” (TNT local viewpoint, 8/11).

I am a gun owner, hunter, former policeman and for over 40 years my full-time occupation has been crafting custom rifles and shotguns.

I read Jordan Waits’ column with interest, not that I believe for a minute that being an ex-Marine gives some inner wisdom.

He states that “military-style rifles” are not for hunting. Well, look at the list! - wheel lock firearms, flintlocks, percussion caps, primers, black powder, smokeless powder.

Single shot firearms, repeaters, pump action, lever action, bolt action, then semi autos, full autos ... the list goes on.

All of these have been used for hunting. (Let’s exclude full autos, only used in poaching.)

Waits and I have one thing in common: I detest the AR/AK format as a hunting firearm. However, that is based on prejudice, not logic.

Logic is requiring hunter safety class, daily pledge of allegiance, recognition of a higher power, certain and swift punishment, stiffer background checks, media photo coverage of the carnage and yes, of applicable capital punishment.

This is not the same country in which I grew up. Legal firearms are not the problem. It’s a broken moral compass.

Duane Wiebe, Tacoma