Letters to the Editor

Protests: News media labels grossly oversimplify

I find it fascinating that on the front page of the Aug 18 Sunday TNT, two side-by-side articles described similar minded groups so differently.

Unlicensed demonstrators in Hong Kong were described as “pro-democracy” while licensed demonstrators in Portland were described as “far-right” and unlicensed demonstrators there were described as “anti-fascist.”

The labels that reporters use to describe groups are oversimplified and biased. To reduce the discussion to a clash of two groups and label them this way is a disservice. These conflicts are more complex and it would seem that some groups involved are being labeled inappropriately and the others are labeled inaccurately when they are actually undemocratic and fascist in their actions.

The gift of this experiment we call the United States is the free exchange of ideas where the best ideas and ideals can be a light to all.

Douglas Pratt, Gig Harbor