Letters to the Editor

Local government: Fire station is no place for a party

Re: “DuPont chief quits to protest use of fire station as a party venue,” (TNT, 9/9).

I can’t believe anyone would allow a fire station to host a party.

As a former mayor of the city of Sumner, I say there is no way a “party” would’ve been held in my fire station.

I agree 100 percent with former DuPont fire chief Michael Keohi. A one- or two-minute delay could mean life or death. What if some cars parked in front of the fire equipment? Is $30,000 in fundraising dollars worth more than a life saved?

Put up party tents instead; it is done all the time.

I think the wrong person quit. It should have been the city administrator.

Richard Lawson, Sumner